Fertilizantes, control de Ph, sustratos, plagas y enfermedades, control de clima, extracciones, etc…

All marijuana plants to live and grow need light, water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. With the first three we will have no problem since they are elements available in nature, but the most important to achieve strong, healthy plants and abundant resinous buds, is undoubtedly the fertilizer or fertilizer on which success depends Or the failure of our cultivation.
A fertilizer is any substance of organic or inorganic origin, which improves the quality of the substrate and therefore increases the nutritional level of the plants. Marijuana for its development needs 14 essential elements: macronutrients (primary: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, secondary: Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur) and micronutrients (Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Copper, Iron, Chlorine, Cobalt and Molybdenum ), Which the plant will demand to a greater or lesser extent depending on the cycle, hence there are specific fertilizers for growth and for flowering.
The fertilizers are divided into two families, which are: organic fertilizers and those of chemical synthesis. Organic are all those made from organic vegetable or animal matter and those of chemical synthesis are those that are produced from artificially synthesized compounds or minerals rich in the desired nutrient or nutrients. In both cases, as far as marijuana cultivation is concerned, the brands of fertilizers produce specific products that supply the needs of this plant species and have such delicate food. An inadequate fertilizer will worsen the health of plants and if it does not have a specific concentration of macronutrients, it can burn it, so it is very important to always use quality products that guarantee a balanced diet.